Governance, management & Accountability

CWS is supported in part by 37 member communions. Each member communion emboldens the CWS mission through financial contributions, joint advocacy, fostering support for CROP Hunger Walks and refugee resettlement among congregations and other ways. Key representatives from the 37 CWS member communions assemble in an annual member’s meeting. These representatives have broad oversight of the agency, including the approval of new members and the selection of the CWS Board of Directors. The CWS Board of Directors is a 20-person group responsible for the fiduciary and programmatic guidance of the agency. They are elected to multiple-year terms and come from all over the world. The President and CEO is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Executive Leadership

Rev. John L. McCullough has been President and CEO of CWS since 2000, setting the agency’s vision and leading all aspects of the global organization including member relations.

Maurice A. Bloem is Executive Vice President, responsible for strategy, research and incubation.

Joanne Rendall is Chief Financial Officer, overseeing finance and administration.

James Landis is Vice President for Program Operations, overseeing global programs, human resources, and business development.

William Wildey is Vice President for Funds Development and Marketing, overseeing resource creation and communications.