Latin America / Caribbean

Photo: Don Tatlock


Honduras • Nicaragua • Dominican Republic • Guatemala


USD $426,762

Food Security & Nutrition Program

In Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua the CWS Food Security and Nutrition Program takes a holistic approach to improving the health of families and communities. The program addresses malnutrition and lack of access to sustainable food and water resources by working with communities to create long-lasting solutions by ensuring ownership and full participation in the programs by the individuals being assisted.

In Nicaragua, CWS promotes innovative agricultural techniques in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region. Model farms are showing indigenous farmers how they can best prepare for and mitigate the effects of natural disasters; working to keep families fed is a vital part of our disaster risk reduction work. Providing fruit trees, vegetable seeds and training on the management of community seed banks and sustainable agricultural techniques means farmers in other areas of Nicaragua are improving the nutritional intake of their families.

Training on soil conservation techniques, organic compost materials, seed banks and strengthening the capacity of local groups all work to empower vulnerable families as they learn more about nutrition and how it affects their health.

Some food security and nutrition programs are implemented through local partners (SSID, AMC, CIEETS, CASM and CIEDEG) and this is a unique strength of the program, as it allows CWS to walk in partnership with and have an intimate knowledge of the realities facing families in that region.