Latin America / Caribbean

Photo: Sean Hawkey


Brazil • Nicaragua • Dominican Republic • Uruguay


USD $213,000

Child Protection Program

The CWS Child Protection Program protects vulnerable children and youth from hunger, abuse and violence by helping to create more protective family and community environments.

Throughout Latin America, the children of prisoners is one group that is extremely vulnerable to exploitation. This issue is poorly understood by multiple stakeholders in the region and CWS stands as a voice for children while their parents are incarcerated. Encouraging the participation of these children and youth with communications and advocacy strategies and building up and empowering groups as they form is drawing fresh eyes and attention from governments and fellow nonprofits alike.

In the Dominican Republic, CWS is increasing protection and opportunities for at-risk children through a holistic community program with school support, recreational activities and workshops that include both youth and parents and vocational training. In Uruguay, CWS refurbished a house that will become a community hub for different recreational and cultural activities. In Haiti, CWS is strengthening local efforts to work for effective representation for children’s needs.

Implementation looks different depending on which country of operation one considers and the partners we work with — in Brazil, Projeto Meninos e Meninas da Rua; in Nicaragua, INPRHU; in the Dominican Republic, Caminante Projecto Educativo; or in Uruguay, Gurises Unidos.

By strengthening this small group of specialized local organizations, CWS promotes universal access to education and health services, good parenting, responsible business practices and local advocacy that demands quality and effective government services to lift children out of poverty.