Latin America / Caribbean

Photo: Craig Thompson/Disciple Photo

LAC Overview

CWS works in Latin America and the Caribbean to build bridges between South and North. Working in partnership with marginalized populations, we accompany local organizations to enact profound change. Program focus areas include assistance in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, food security initiatives that support sustainable improvements in family nutrition and well-being, child protection programs that fight for youth vulnerable to exploitation, and walking side-by-side with indigenous communities in the Gran Chaco as they work to win back access to their ancestral lands and break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

CWS operates in 11 countries in the region. Our partnerships are locally-driven and CWS staff design programs in a joint process with partners and community members. CWS cultivates in-depth, on-the-ground knowledge and understanding of local needs, challenges and accomplishments, and leverages that insight to have the greatest possible impact.

Culturally appropriate, sustainable and scalable programs are a priority. After the Haiti earthquake, CWS and partners were providing emergency supplies within 24 hours. Yet more than four years since the devastation, work has morphed into a long-term recovery process. CWS has developed a post-earthquake response plan focused on food security, childrenĀ“s rights, house building, emergency preparedness and rapid response. This forethought, blending of programs and comprehensive approach to development is emblematic of our work in the entire region.