Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Photo: Koba Kankia


Bosnia & Herzegovina • Georgia • Moldova


USD $165,500

Regional Sustainable Energy Initiative

In Moldova, Bosnia and Georgia, CWS’s Innovative Energy Technologies program aims to reduce poverty in rural areas of the country by implementing innovative and affordable technologies to lessen environmental degradation, increase agricultural output and provide economic opportunity.

To build skills that translate into income-producing work for refugees displaced by conflict, CWS provides vocational training for youth and livelihood programs for internally displaced people. Participants in the Renewable Energy Resource program learn to construct solar collectors and other solar devices, such as fruit and vegetable dryers that make it possible to preserve foods for year-round use, solar warm water collectors and solar panels.

The items are used locally and also sold to other regions within the respective countries. The training and the subsequent use and export of these devices reduces communities’ dependence on conventional energy sources, improves their food security and creates income earning opportunities that result in sustainable livelihoods.