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“CWS Supports innovative and affordable energy solutions…that make immediate, easy-to-measure improvements.”

Photo: CWS

More Energy for Less

Avtandil Kiria lives in the village of Kheta, Georgia. It’s mountainous and difficult in winter. He has a wife and two daughters and they live in their own house. The major source of income for the family is Kiria’s modest salary and small plot of land where he grows vegetables and fruits and sells them.

Kiria is disabled; the burden of sustaining their livelihoods lies on his wife and children. The income they receive is hardly enough to make ends meet and cover basic needs. His family particularly struggles to cover energy expenses: they spend some 1,000 lari (approximately U.S. $500) per year for heating the house, water and cooking. Firewood accounts for the major part of these expenses.

CWS supports innovative and affordable energy solutions – solar warm-water collectors, solar fruit/vegetable dryers, solar greenhouses made with straw-bale and natural materials, biogas digesters and solar house heating systems – that make immediate, easy-to-measure improvements that help rural communities in practical ways.

The technologies CWS promotes are made locally by people in rural areas, providing entrepreneurial opportunities as well as improved services. At the core of all of our initiatives is helping local residents to build skills and capacities in innovative renewable technologies, to create new employment and a way to earn a living.

“This investment allowed us to decrease our energy needs by 25 percent,” Kiria says. “My wife and children are very happy as they do not have to collect wood in summer for heating the water and washing. In addition, we will not have to buy as much wood as before for winter.”