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USD $206,000

Vietnam Health and Education Program

Lai Chau and Thai Nguyen are two of the poorest provinces in Vietnam, both in the northwest and both containing many mountainous, isolated communities. The region, home to numerous ethnic minorities, has a 40 percent poverty rate; contributing to the poverty is a devaluing of education, particularly for girls and those with physical disabilities. Compounding the problem: poor sanitation and health practices.

The CWS Health and Education Integrated Development program has improved life on two fronts. It has increased student enrollment and graduation rates for kindergarten, primary and lower secondary students and improved the quality of health services provided at communal clinics and a district hospital. It also increased knowledge and improved the practice of hygiene behavior for kindergarten, primary and junior secondary students and communities.

How was this done? Trainings were provided for school teachers and school administrators; learning environments at schools were made safe and child-friendly; and adults were made aware of children’s rights and child protection. In addition, health workers and traditional birth attendants took part in trainings on health and hygiene, and healthy and sanitary conditions were promoted throughout villages in the area.

In all, nearly 24,000 lives were helped in some way by CWS’s life-giving work here.