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“I am really grateful to CWS for helping me, and now I am able to enjoy going to school.”

Photo: Maria Angelia

Testimony of Abdullah*

I am 10 years old and I am from Somalia. Back in 2011, my mother, my younger brother and I fled our country because of the conflict there, and we have been living in Indonesia ever since. When we first arrived we lived near Cipayung, Bogor, but with help from CWS, my family and I now live in Jakarta. My daily activities used to involve only playing with friends around my neighborhood. I dreamed of going to school, wearing a school uniform, studying and playing with friends in school, but the dream seemed so far away.

When I lived in Bogor, I joined the Early Child Development program at the CWS refugee center, where they taught us many things such as reading, drawing, or singing. I enjoyed all the activities very much. Now that we are here in Jakarta, I have participated in activities at the local CWS center, where they teach us English and Indonesian. Since we must be able to speak and write Indonesian if we want to join the primary school, I have studied very hard.

In 2013, my dream finally came true, when a CWS staff person, Maria Angelia, told my mother that I had successfully enrolled in the primary school near our house. I felt so happy! I was one of the lucky ones who would be able to go to school. Maria took my mother and me to the local market to buy all the school supplies, including a new school uniform, a school bag, shoes and books. I am really grateful to CWS for helping me, and now I am able to enjoy going to school.

My mother is also very happy because she always says that education is very important to have a better future. She hopes that soon my younger brother will be able to go to school, as well. Recently, I graduated from grade 1 in primary school. I like my teacher and friends. I hope I can continue my education.

*Name changed to protect the story teller’s identity.