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“I was astonished to see that my entire village, my home, everything had disappeared under the mud.”

Photo: Mustafa Bilge Satkin

Relief in Afghanistan

In the provinces of Badakhshan and Jawzjan, in Afghanistan, CWS distributed 1,492 non-food item packages, including mattresses, pillows, and plastic mats, to families affected by landslides and floods. Additionally, 1,521 families received health and hygiene education and 530 families received hygiene kits. One of those whose family received kits was Bazamgull Bazamgull, 30, a resident of Ab Barik Village, Argo, Badakhshan.

“I lost five family members in this disaster…. Now, there is no one to support in the upbringing of my two remaining children, or look after their safety while I go out to earn money for our meals, clothes, medicines and other necessities.”

“It was around 11 a.m., while I was working in the city of Faizabad. I received a phone call from one of the villagers who asked me to come back to the village as soon as possible since my entire family, my home and my assets were ruined under the debris of a landslide.

“I immediately stopped working and rushed back to my home….As I arrived, I was astonished to see that my entire village, my home, everything had disappeared under the mud. I started to ask around about my family; a village member directed me toward two of my children. My two youngest children, my wife, mother and sister all were under the debris. The villagers had tried their best to save them, but it was impossible for them to rescue my family.

“When the landslide started, my wife instantly led two of our children to safety, but when she returned for our other children, she was buried under the debris along with them. I was informed by the villagers that my mother lost her life; she had been collecting water. I wanted to search for her, but everyone said there was no hope. She was gone.”

Despite his trauma and uncertain future, Bazamgull thanked all of the humanitarian organizations for their assistance, with a special thanks to CWS, which provided him and his family with mattresses and pillows. “We needed these items to protect us while we sleep. I hope my children will sleep better now.”