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“We harvested early this month and have included vegetables in every meal since.”

Photo: Maria Angelia

Seeds for a Brighter Future in Indonesia

By Ersi Biliu

My husband and I had been buying vegetable seeds to grow in our garden for years. However, with the money we had, we could only buy one packet of seeds at a time. We usually grew only two batches with one packet. The vegetables that we harvested from the garden were only enough for our family’s consumption. So when we ran out of the seeds we just had to stop eating vegetables until we could afford to buy seeds again.

In April 2013, CWS gave away various vegetable seed. I got Chinese cabbage, red peppers, long bean, green bean and eggplant seeds. I have grown them in my garden, with each type of vegetable grown in a one-by-four lot. We harvested early this month and have included vegetables in every meal since. My husband went to the market to sell some produce we did not consume. And we bought some fishes and other daily needs with the money.

I know from the information session about nutrition held by CWS that vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body, especially during early childhood development. As a lactating mother, it’s very important for me to eat nutritious food, as well as for my two-month-old baby. It’s also essential for my five other kids’ development. Consuming vegetables every day will keep my family and myself healthy.

We started the next planting batch right after we harvested. We will be harvesting more at the end of June. I’m happy and glad that CWS helped us. Now, not only can we fulfill our vitamin and mineral needs from eating the vegetables, we can also buy protein-rich foods using the money we earned from selling the produce. I’m now more motivated in farming than ever.