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Photo: Vinsen Surma


Timor Tengah Selatan District, West Timor (Indonesia)


USD $306,000

Indonesia Food Security & Nutrition Program

West Timor, the Indonesian half of the island of Timor, is highly prone to natural disasters. One type – severe and prolonged drought – has reduced crop output and led to many problems for the region’s residents. Among these is “food insecurity” – not having access to a sufficient amount of food that is both affordable and nutritious. As a result, many people in the region do not eat enough – particularly infants.

Given the severity of the problem, it is often best to address hunger in an integrated way on several fronts at once. CWS does this in West Timor by addressing food insecurity, helping hungry infants and young children and increasing access to water supply and sanitation facilities.

We are helping to increase the availability of food through sustainable agriculture training and by introducing improved farming methods, tools and supplies. We are also reducing the number of severely malnourished children through our work at a therapeutic feeding center and by introducing community-based nutrition programs.

One example of our work has been the development of a shared, communal kiosk so that local farmers can sell their farm produce and buy other necessities from their neighbors, whether it be rice, corn, beans, vegetables or sugar. In the last year, our work has helped 400 families in the region and at least 120 children under the age of 5.