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Cambodia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training Resource Center

CWS’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training Resource Center, known as WASH TRC, was established in December 2011. Since then it has been working in partnership with the Center for Affordable Water Sanitation Technology, known as CAWST, which has provided financial and technical support. The WASH TRC has employed five full-time staff members to provide trainings to NGO clients and partners, who are implementing WASH projects throughout Cambodia. Among the training topics — Training of Trainers, Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, and Biosand Filter Project Implementation.

What is the goal of the TRC? To help strengthen Cambodian society by increase the knowledge and skills and resources of WASH project practitioners and communities. Basic water and sanitation needs in Cambodia need improving, and the TRC is doing its part.

Our overall objective is to provide participatory WASH capacity building, consulting and educational materials to WASH practitioners and communities, as well as to create opportunities for them to communicate and share experiences with each other.

Over the last year, the WASH TRC has conducted 23 workshops for 233 participants. In addition to the training, the WASH team has also conducted 21 consulting field visits to NGOs in Cambodia in order to provide technical support. Follow-up visits have also been conducted with many of the organizations which sent staff to the workshops.

In addition, the WASH TRC also conducted six awareness raising sessions on WASH with participation from 217 village residents. Overall, the WASH TRC has reached an estimated 178,455 beneficiaries indirectly through our clients.

In March 2014, the WASH TRC was invited to join two special events. One was an annual NGO exhibition event on World Water Day organized by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia and the Ministry of Rural Development of Cambodia. At the event we present our project activities and achievements to a large audience. The second event was the annual WET Network Learning Exchange in Nepal, which was attended by the WASH TRC manager.

In addition to this, the WASH Center manager and CAWST International Technical Advisor also conducted several meetings with various NGOs that are implementing WASH projects in Cambodia in order to find out what kind of support they need in the future, as well as to discuss and introduce the new WASH Center cost-sharing strategy.

This cost-sharing strategy will make the WASH Center sustainable, as well as demonstrate the value of our services for our clients. Many of the clients stated they would support our new cost-sharing strategy, but some said that they unfortunately did not have money for capacity building in their budgets. The WASH TRC and CAWST will evaluate whether to subsidize the training for these organizations on a case-by-case basis.