Photo: Craig Thompson/Disciple Photo


Kenya • Tanzania


USD $300,000

Water for Life

Water has taken on new significance in arid climates across the globe. This is no less true in climates across sub-Saharan Africa, where the majority of the population lives in arid and semi-arid climates.

At its core, the Water for Life Program works with local communities to provide access to vital water resources and sanitation systems. CWS staff work with local partners to build water pans, sand dams, shallow wells, rock catchment systems and a host of other techniques intended to utilize both rain and underground water sources. CWS also trains local communities in a diverse array of water resources so that no one source is ever overused.

In the long term, CWS also integrates environmental education and sustainability trainings into the fabric of the Water for Life Program. This helps communities to continue using the resources and ensures that water and crops continue to flourish. CWS implements the Water for Life Program through its local partners in East Africa, including the Anglican Church of Kenya Diocese of Kitui, Farming Systems Kenya and the Trust for Rural Food and Development in Tanzania.

Just this year in April a Kenyan community assisted by Water for Life was able to harvest 21 bags of green beans weighing 90 kilograms each and worth a total of 283,500 Kenyan shillings (USD $3,335). One of the local farmers, Charles Kioko, has even offered to donate one acre of his land to be used to train other people from the Mwingi region of Kenya on methods of dry farming and the use of drip irrigation.