Photo: Joel Cooper


Kenya • Burundi • Mozambique


USD $194,982

School Safe Zones

The CWS School Safe Zones program helps communities create safe, sustainable spaces for learning so that all children can learn and grow. The program addresses basic infrastructure needs, ensures adequate security, access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and sustainable food sources. The program currently works with 80 schools in Kenya and 10 in Burundi, collaborating with Ministry of Education and local partners to contribute to increased student access to enrollment, retention and completion of education by facilitating learning environments that are safe and all inclusive for children. CWS in Kenya helps to build lasting community resilience by providing training, seed-grants and partnership to school communities, thus rendering “School Safety” sustainable in the long-term.

The Burundi SSZ program provides support to settled “returnees” in the eastern border provinces of Ruyigi and Cenkuzo, upgrading school infrastructure, improving teacher performance and providing direct assistance to vulnerable students.

In Mozambique, CWS is helping to increase rural girls’ participation in primary education through an “after-school skill-building” program popularly known as PEDRA.