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Kenya • South Africa • United States


USD $125,000

LGBTI Protection

CWS seeks to provide protection and assistance to the most vulnerable members of our communities. Throughout the world today, LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) communities continue to suffer from discrimination and persecution. CWS works to create a safe space for LGBTI persons, providing both resettlement for LGBTI refugees and protection to those still facing the fear of persecution. CWS currently works with LGBTI communities in both Africa and the United States in order to safeguard the human rights of all persecuted persons and provide services that address the needs of the LGBTI community.

Building on a long tradition in Kenya and experience in assisting refugees, CWS has begun to identify and cultivate relationships between civil society groups focused on refugee rights and LGBTI human rights. Through a grant provided in 2014 by the Arcus foundation, CWS has sought to build links between faith community representatives and LGBTI rights organizations in both Kenya and South Africa. In 2014, designated staff in both countries are creating a network of advocates for LGBTI rights in the local community with the aim of improving protection for LGBTI refugees.