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Africa Overview

CWS has brought its skills in emergency relief, humanitarian development and refugee assistance to bear
in Africa since first stepping onto the continent in 1964 to establish an emergency food program in the Congo. Operations throughout the continent quickly grew, compounding on these three pillars of CWS action and gaining a permanent footing in Nairobi, Kenya in 1978. Today, CWS continues to impact the most vulnerable on the continent with programs in over 30 different countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

During 2014, CWS entered a new chapter in its overall organization of programs in sub-Saharan Africa. For the first time in its history, all CWS programs – including all relief, development and refugee focused assistance – will be coordinated by the regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. CWS hopes to capitalize on its proven track record in managing government contracts and seeking programmatic support, with a focus on growing each of the three programmatic areas.

Beyond the continent, CWS in sub-Saharan Africa now joins the North America region under a single management structure based at the CWS Corporate Center in New York. This combined effort recognizes the expertise that CWS has derived from over 20 years of United States refugee resettlement work
throughout Africa. The CWS operated Resettlement Support Center for Africa continues to implement a cooperative agreement with the U.S. State Department that employs more than 230 staff in Nairobi, Kenya and resettled more than 13,000 refugees to the United States in FY 2014.

In order to capitalize on areas of programmatic strength throughout all CWS operations in Africa, the management oversight for both RSC Africa and relief and development programming has been consolidated into one structure now housed in the regional Nairobi office. This consolidated structure has allowed CWS to focus on evaluating long existing programs, ensuring that each continues to meet defined goals and achieve sustainability.

Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than

of the world’s refugee population,

some 2.8 million out of
a total of 10.5 million refugees.