Funding our Work



U.S. Government Support

$45,385,667 / 56.2%

CWS secures U.S. and state grants and contracts which supports our refugee, emergency and development work. Primarily, the support assists refugees and internally displaced persons in conducting interviews with refugee resettlement candidates in sub-Saharan Africa, to providing resettlement, integration, employment, training and legal services through a network of offices in the U.S.

Public and Community Appeals

$21,743,391 / 26.9%

Public donations, contributions from individuals, congregations, special events and foundation support make a significant amount of our work possible.
Individual giving: Includes responses to disaster appeals, special campaigns, monthly giving, alternative gift programs, direct mail responses and unsolicited gifts, and planned giving.
Congregations: Congregations are the heartbeat of our community engagement in the U.S. Through Blankets and Tools offerings, special collections and other opportunities for engagement, congregations help to make our work possible.
Events: Special events include our largest public fundraiser, CROP Hunger Walk, alternative gift fairs, TeamCWS independent fundraising events and other dedicated happenings.
Foundations: We enjoy long-term relationships with family and community foundations.

Member Communions and Other Organizations

$7,253,262 / 9.0%

CWS is a membership organization enjoying the support of 37 Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox communions. The support of our member communions is at the core of our roots. We were founded by a group of 18 denominations who were concerned about helping those most in need following World War II. The same spirit of concern is in place today amongst a broader network of members who choose to effect change through CWS.

Investment and Other Income

$3,221,268 / 4.0%

Revenue from investments, including endowment funds, service fees and miscellaneous income is included.

Donated Materials

$3,124,612 / 3.9%

Communities in the U.S. assemble CWS Kits to help those recovering from disasters, sending them to CWS for helping those in need. Other miscellaneous in-kind support is also included.



Refugee Resettlement and Assistance

$45,042,475 / 56.4%

CWS works with a network of churches, organizations and individuals that assist uprooted persons that have had to flee their countries due to persecution, armed conflict, etc. Together, we seek to provide forcibly displaced populations support to address critical unmet needs as durable solutions are sought.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

$11,375,157 / 14.3%

CWS joins others to support people and communities in humanitarian crises around the world. CWS helps the faith community play its special role in disaster mitigation, preparedness and response. The goal is to assist communities experiencing crisis to achieve durable solutions that restore peace and rebuild livelihoods.

Global Hunger and Development

$10,303,376 / 12.9%

The focus of CWS hunger and development work is on the most vulnerable persons and communities, to develop socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities and achieve a higher quality of life.

Advocacy and Relationships

$2,069,583 / 2.6%

Grounded in faith, CWS seeks to build and strengthen relationships, build partnerships and coalitions, and advocate for a more just and peaceful world. At the core of CWS’s work is to help people of faith put faith into action. The emphasis on relationships enables partnerships to be built around the world that inform and inspire our work and lead to advocacy for issues that build or restore peace and justice.


$7,728,260 / 9.7%

Fund-raising activities involve inducing potential donors to contribute money, securities, services, materials, facilities, other assets or time.

Management & General

$3,300,413 / 4.1%

Management and general activities include oversight, business management, general record keeping, budgeting, financing, and all management and administration except for direct conduct of program services or fund-raising activities.

Net Assets

Net Change / $908,936

Net at July 1, 2013 / $9,290,575

Net at June 30, 2014 / $10,199,511